AEgis Technologies – Modeling & Simulation

From supporting weapon systems development to creating new and emerging training solutions, AEgis Technologies specializes in modeling and simulation (M&S) for the military so our Warfighters can come home safely. AEgis Technologies is at the forefront of bringing innovative ideas to the commercial marketplace.

AEgis believes in paying it forward and proudly supports the efforts of our employees, individuals and organizations focused on serving the needs of others. Through time, volunteer effort and other means, AEgis seeks to be an active and integral part of the communities where we live, work and play.

Our passion for what we do transfers into our products & services

Employees with Military Experience
$0+ Million
Annual Revenue
Certified Modeling and Simulation Professionals (CMSP)

Winner of OASIS Small Business Award Pools: 4, 5b, and 6

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Modeling and Simulation

SMDC D3I Domain 3 Award

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AEgis Product and Services Highlights

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