Special Olympics Alabama
Madison County Area 2019

Track and Field Events
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 (rain date: October 24)

Milton Frank Stadium
9: 30 am – 1:30 pm

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Tradeshows, Conferences, Training, and Other Events

2019 ConferencesDatesLocation
Directed Energy Test & Evaluation ConferenceJanuary 15-17, 2019Albuquerque, NM
GSA Federal Acquisition SymposiumApril, 2019Huntsville, AL
Annual DE S&T Symposium (DEPS) April 7-12, 2019Destin, FL
AUVSI's XPonential 2019April 30-May 2, 2019Chicago, IL
MCoE DemoApril, 2019
FIRES ConferenceApril 23-26 , 2019Ft. Sill, OK
ITECMay 14-16, 2019Stockholm, Sweden
SMD SymposiumAugust 6-8, 2019Huntsville, AL
NGAUSAugust 30 - Sept 2, 2019Denver, CO
DSEISeptember 10-13 , 2019London, England
GSA Federal Acquisition SymposiumFall, 2019Huntsville, AL
AUSA National Convention October 14-16, 2019Washington D.C.
IACPOctober 26-29, 2019Chicago
ITEA InternationalNovember 12 -15, 2019Lihue, Hawaii
I/ITSECDecember 2-6, 2019Orlando, FL
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WAAY 31 News spotlights AEgis 3D content and commercial capabilities

12/10Technology Alabama - Nanogenesis 12-3-10.pdf
11/10Huntsville Times - Huntsville Simulation Conference - Bill Waite 11-1-10.pdf
10/10Directions Magazine - AEgis Technologies Builds Free 3D Database of Haiti.pdf
10/10Directions Magazine - Olympics Provide Showcase for 3D Geospatial Models.pdf
10/10Directions Magazine - Olympics Provide Showcase for 3D Geospatial Models - Articles.pdf
10/10DigitalGlobe - Press Room - News Room.pdf
10/10Special Operations Technology - Modeling, GEOINT Converge.pdf
10/10GISCafe - DigitalGlobe and AEgis Technologies Join Together to Launch ImageScape with .pdf
09/10MT2 - Top Simulation & Training Companies 2010
07/10Geospatial Intelligence Forum - July 2010 Issue - Modeling GEOINT Converge
07/10MT2 - July 2010 Issue - Embedded Training
05/10Huntsville Hospital Magazine - Hill Family
04/10Technology Alabama Spring 2010 - AMSC Article- Bill Waite
04/10Technology Alabama Spring 2010 - LEP Article- Dr. Buncick.pdf
03/10The Economist - After cotton - Alabama's small cities are poised for recovery
03/10The Huntsville Times - AEgis Awarded SBIR for LEP
02/10Presagis | AEgis Helps Prepare for Gold
02/10DigitalGlobe and AEgis Team for 'ImageScape' | HighBeam Business 09
02/10Initiatives Magazine - Modeling and Simulation Leading Company Opens New Headquarters
01/10The Huntsville Times - Meet the Leading man of the must-see-3D
01/10The Huntsville Times - AEgis & Haiti
01/10The Huntsville Times - AEgis Technologies Grand Opening
06/09The New York Times - In Simulation Work, the Demand Is Real
03/09Sandia Science & Technology Park
01/09AEgis celebrates leap to next-level location (update)
01/09Teenager's dream is just a snap
01/09The AEgisTechnologies Group, Inc. Celebrates the Opening of its Albuquerque Laser Laboratory
01/09NM Optics The Lens - AEgis Lab Opens for Business, page 3
12/08New Mexico Business Weekly - Now in its 10th year, Sandia industrial park continues
08/08Huntsville Times August 2008 - AEgis' 'wings' soar over Beijing
06/08Huntsville Times - AEgis celebrates leap to next-level location
07/08Modeling & Simulation Summer 2008 - Alabama-Leading the Modeling and Simulation Industry
05/08Initiatives - Welcome to Sim City: Huntsville, Alabama, USA!
07/07Modeling & Simulation Summer 2007 - Developing Simulations for Wargames

Technical Papers

NATO RTO-TR-MSG-058Conceptual Modeling (CM) for Military Modeling and Simulation (M&S)The Research and Technology Organization (RTO) of NATO - Multiple
2011 American Physical SocietyQuenched optical transmission in ultrathin subwavelength plasmonic gratingsG. D'Aguanno, N. Mattiucci, A. Alu, and M. J. Bloemer
AIAAA Missile System Simulation Benchmark Using The ACSL Graphic ModellerChristine K. Kovach, Joseph S. Gauthier
EURO SIWSBA / SeBA - Implementing the Inevitable -William F. Waite, David H. Smith
EURO SIWTesting The UntestableJohn Pate, Dr. Kenneth I. Kawano, Beth Vann, Alleen Bray, Beverly Burns, Michelle Sterling
Foundations 02Validation of HWIL and Distributed SimulationsMr. William F. Waite, Mr. Stephen J. Swenson, Mr. Alexander C. Jolly, Lt. Col. Seth Shepherd, Mr. Robert M. Gravitz
IITSECComposing a Joint Federation Object ModelAndy Bowers, Dannie Cutts
IITSECLVC Interoperability via Application of the Base Object Model (BOM)Dannie Cutts, Paul Gustavson, John Ashe
ITEAUsing Simulation – The Past as Prologue…ProbablyWilliam. F. Waite
ITEAEmbedded Test (ET) Capability, an "A to Z" Test and Evaluation Tool for the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) SystemNhuchi Khong, John Pate, Bob Gravitz, Mike Peck, Alleen Bray, Michelle Sterling
ITECLive Virtual Constructive (LVC) Architecture Interoperability AssessmentWarren Bizub, Dannie Cutts
ISADevelopment of a Combination Boiler Simulator using General Purpose Simulation ToolsPhilip S. Bartells, Joseph S. Gauthier
ISADevelopment of a Dual-Extraction Industrial Turbine Simulator Using General Purpose Simulation ToolsPhilip S. Bartells, Christine K Kovach
JANNAFCommon M&S Credibility Criteria-Set Supports Multiple Problem DomainsJ.P. Hale, Bobby Hartway, Danny Thomas
SCSSimSummit - Shaping the Future of Modeling and SimulationWilliam F. Waite
SCSSensitivity Analysis of Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL) Simulation SystemsMr. John Pate, Mr. Keith R. Edlin, Dr. Kenneth I. Kawano
SCSCHigh Level Architecture (HLA) as a basis of Systems-Engineering Automation for Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA)William F. Waite
SCSCPlanning for VV&A: An ExampleWilliam F. Waite, Dr. Dwayne Nuzman, Scott Phillips
SPIEEfficient plasmonic nanostructures for thin film solar cellsValeria Marrocco, Marco Grande, Maria Antonietta Vincenti,Giovanna Calò,Vincenzo Petruzzelli and Antonella D'Orazio
SPIEInfrared projector scene data real-time processor designOwen M. Williams, Leszek Świerkowskia, August J. Huber, James D. Norman, George C. Goldsmith II
SPIEEmissive infrared projector real-time scene data pixel processingOwen M. Williams, Leszek Świerkowskia, August J. Huber, James D. Norman, George C. Goldsmith II, W. Larry Herald
SIWHLA Federation Design / Development and Federation Implementation Process ModelWilliam F. WAITE
SIWFederation Agreements - Observations, Considerations and Proposals out of the NATO MSG-052 Working Group - “Knowledge Network for Federation Architecture and Design”Wim Huiskamp, Dr. Margaret Loper, Dannie Cutts
SIWAdvancing a Joint Federation Object ModelDannie Cutts, Andy Bowers, Kevin Brandt
SIWExtended Air Defense Testbed (EADTB) Migrates Toward High Level Architecture (HLA) CompatibilityRonald Sell, Jim Towers, Gary Ballard, Jay Graham, Patty McMahon
SIWBringing HLA to the Web: The Incorporation of Enterprise Java Technology into HLA FederationsWilliam F. Waite, David H. Smith
SIWA Characterization Taxonomy for Integrated Management of Modeling and Simulation ToolsBobby Hartway, Danny Thomas, Lisa Cain, Joe Hale
SIWConceptual Modeling- The Missing Link of Simulation DevelopmentJack "Jake" Borah
SIWAccreditation Authorities {Presentation)Danny Thomas
SIWAccreditation Authorities Who they are, where to find them, and what do they do?Lisa Cain, Bobby Hartway, Danny Thomas, Randal Wallace
SIWAn Automated Process for Credibility AssessmentDanny Thomas, Tom Buckner, Bobby Hartwary
SIWConsistent Credibility Criteria Why have them, what are they, and how do you measure them?Bobby Hartway, Alexia Joiner, Danny Thomas
SIWConsistent Credibility Criteria Consistent Credibility Criteria - Why have them, what are they, and how do you measure them? [Presentation]Bobby Hartway, Alexia Joiner, Danny Thomas
SIWIncremental Quantification of VV&A "Levels" for Integrated Management of Modeling & Simulation ToolsLisa Caine, Bobby Hartway, Danny Thomas, Joe Hale
SIWQuestions to Ask When Simulation Support Your DecisionsBobby Hartway, Alexia Joiner,
Danny Thomas
SIWThe Role of Credibility Assessment In Verification, Validation and AccreditationDanny Thomas, Bobby Hartway
SIWThe Role of Credibility Assessment In Verification, Validation and Accreditation (Presentation)Danny Thomas, Bobby Hartway
SIWThe Unique Aspects of Simulation Verification and ValidationAlexia Joiner, Wei Lin, Michael Lowry, Tom Pressburger, Danny Thomas
SIWThe Unique Aspects of Simulation Verification and ValidationAlexia Joiner, Wei Lin, Michael Lowry, Tom Pressburger, Danny Thomas
SIWAccreditation: What it is And What It Isn'tBeth Vann, Dr. Ken Kawano, and John Pate
SIWAnchoring Methodology Of The National Missile Defense (NMD) Integrated System Test Capability (ISTC): Correlating Flight And Ground Test DataAlleen Bray, John Pate
SIWHigh Level Architecture (HLA) For Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA) Systems-Engineering AutomationW. F. Waite
SIWRevisiting NASA's Recommended Practices Guide for Verification, Validation and AccreditationLisa Cain, Bobby Hartway, Danny Thomas
SIWVV&A Issues of the NMD ISTC Transition to a Distributed Test SystemElizabeth A. Vann, Robert M. Gravitz
SIWIncorporating the ISTC Into System Integrated Exercises for the NMD Test ProgramElizabeth A. Vann, Robert M. Gravitz
SIWVV&A of HLA Federates and FederationsRobert M. Gravitz, William F. Waite
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