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Custom Simulators – Simulation Training

Custom Simulators – Simulation Training
AEgis is an innovative developer of custom training simulators and advanced conceptual training systems. Utilizing commercial-off-the-shelf products, Open Source initiatives, and a highly experienced engineering staff, AEgis consistently delivers fully configured simulation training solutions that include hardware, software, and services.


Improved Moving Target Simulator (IMTS)


  • 38’ Fully Immersive Dome
  • 14 High Resolution Projectors
  • One Set of PNVS-14 NVG’s, PAS-18 Thermal Imagers, M-22 Binoculars Per Team
  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS)
  • Integrated Joint Range Extension (JRE) Laptop
  • AEgis NSpire IG Software
  • Aural Cueing


  • 360° Fully Immersive Visual System
  • Train up to 3 MANPAD Teams and One Machine Gun Team Simultaneously
  • Multiple Weapon Systems
  • Multiple Levels of Difficulty
  • 8 Databases
  • Fixed & Rotary Wing Targets
  • Wireless Tracking System
  • Wireless Video Transmission Systems
  • Video Monitoring & AAR
  • OneSAF Correlation

High-fidelity 3D Models

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) Simulation System

Custom Designed IMI Solutions