Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) – XPT

Feature Rich Simulation Trainer System

 UGV XPT™ high-fidelity training systems utilize state-of-the-art virtual reality simulation with game quality graphics. The full physics engine emulates complete motion and physical interaction of modeled robot, 3D models, and the synthetic environment.


System uses the actual ANDROS switchbox with all controls and menus fully enabled. Customizable training scenarios allow the user to train in a simulated environment to bypass wear and tear on the actual robot and ensure that when skills are required in real-world situations, they are ready.


XPT™ for Talon is a high fidelity training simulation for the QinetiQ Talon robot featuring game quality graphics and full physics engine which emulates the complete movement of the actual robot. Operating in a simulated environment allows the user to train like they use, and ultimately use as they have trained in real-world situations. Features include realistic environments, multiple camera views, environmental effects and fully integrated audio.

Advanced Features

  • High Fidelity Training System Utilizing State of the Art Virtual Reality Simulation with Game Quality Graphics
  • Full Physics Engine
    • Emulates Complete Movement of the Actual Robot
    • Emulates Stand Alone Objects in the Environment
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Train Like You Use – Use As You Trained
    • Operate Robot in Realistic Simulated Environments
    • Positive Training
    • Bypass Wear and Tear on Actual Robot
      • No Broken Cameras
      • No Thrown Tracks
      • Increased Stick Time Without Negative Results