Monarch – Flexible Powerful Interoperability Solution

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  • Monarch® is a user configurable, extensible message, data and protocol translation application.
  • Monarch® is based on a data translation engine that can be reconfigured by the user to perform any data translation requirement. This reconfiguration is performed through an intuitive GUI.
  • Monarch® assists the user throughout the process with context sensitive prompts and help.

More than 400 Message Protocols and Standards

Adding New Messages and Protocols is easy and can be done onsite without software development

Solving Live, Virtual, and Constructive Connectivity Challenges Integration/Interoperability

Disparate communications protocols, FOMs, enumerations and datasets cause integration challenges and delays.

  • Protocol/translation handled by Monarch®
  • More than 400 network protocol modules
  • Turnkey solutions
  • No bandwidth or transport delay
  • Share data to enhance overall situational awareness
    and training effectiveness
  • Increase integration with data providers and command and
    control entities
  • Provides legacy systems the opportunity to communicate
    with new technologies and systems

Monarch – Flexible Powerful Interoperability Solution

MONARCH also supports XML, KML, COT, HL7 X12, and multiple other commercial DOD and NATO Standards

Proven, Scalable Performance

Based on a proven, interoperability tool used to support critical and secure U.S. Department of Defense Applications.

Monarch® provides a single solution for training, simulation, C4I, and other data interoperability challenges.

Based on technology proven in over 500 exercises, experiments, and training situations, Monarch® is a proven, trusted integration appliance. Monarch’s® unique and powerful translation engine ensures that it does and will continue to overcome integration and interoperability challenges for legacy, current, and emerging systems.

Enable Communication

Monarch® is a programmable message translation and routing application that enables communications between simulation and other systems in training and operational environments.


Enabling Digital Communications Between Disparate Systems

Monarch® is a registered trademark of the AEgis Technologies Group, LLC