AEgis developed the Reconfigurable Virtual Trainer (RVT) for multiple weapons – M4/M4A1 Carbine Rifle, Virtual Stinger Trainer (VST), and Carl Gustaf – for Operational/Tactical Team Training. This is the first and only fielded VR based MANPADS training device that provides Stinger Team Crew Training that supports portable or fixed training sites.


Reconfigurable Virtual Trainer

RVT provides operational and tactical small squad training within a 360 degree immersive, realistic battlefield environment, to include Visual Aircraft Recognition (VACR). RVT is highly transportable and scalable to fit most training needs. The system’s visual system, weapons, and training assets are untethered and provide full freedom of movement within the training arena. RVT allows the users to dynamically reconfigure each training scenario to immerse their users in any geographic area in the world 24/7.


  • Synthetic environment for individual, crew served, and squad weapons
  • Untethered, natural movement
  • Open architecture w/ modular core system (tracking system, IOS, HMD)
    – Easily adds new weapons / devices
  • Collective training in small or large spaces
  • Rapid scenario generation
  • Dynamic, realistic, reconfigurable training
  • Transportable to point of need
  • Integrated Instructor Operator Station
  • Insightful AAR and biometrics


  • M4/M4A1 Carbine Rifle
  • Virtual Stinger Trainer (VST)
  • M17 pistol
  • M249, M240, M27 automatic rifles
  • Shoulder launched munitions (Carl Gustaf)
  • Other crew served weapons

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