The VST is the first and only fielded Virtual Reality based MANPADS training device that provides Stinger Team Crew Training that supports portable or fixed training sites. VST provides Stinger Team (Team Leader and Gunner) operational and tactical training within a 360º immersive, realistic battlefield environment (to include VACR). The VST instructor station provides selection of instructor defined training vignettes (scenarios) that include varying terrain (Desert, Forest or NCR), moving aircraft targets and countermeasures. VST includes a detailed AAR/scoring presentation of Gunner actions (e.g. IFF, super elevation, correct aim point, etc.)

VST Configuration


  • Emulated MANPADS (operation, size & weight)
  • Oculus Rift© Head Mounted Displays (Team Leader and Gunner)
  • Emulated M22 Binoculars (size & weight) – auto zoom (positional to Team Leader HMD)
  • Lightweight, i7 Intel processor, VR-backpack
  • Instructor Operator Station
    – Graphical User Interface
    – Scenario Control (Start/Stop)
    – Built-in After-Action-Review and Scoring (Hit/Miss, target acquisition/sighting)
  • Gambit – Scenario Generation Tool
  • Extensive 3D model library (Aircraft/UAV (fixed, rotary wing), friend/foe, ground vehicles), terrains (Desert, Urban (NCR), Forest)
  • High fidelity gaming engine (Unity)
  • Interoperable – can connect up to 3 VSTs together for collective training
  • Ruggedized Computers/Cases
  • Available in fixed or portable training site configuration (wall mounted or tripod tracking system)
  • Documentation – Operations/Maintenance Guide
  • Training – 1-week operations and maintenance (OCONUS – additional travels costs)


  • Installation
  • Logistics Support – Spares, Annual Software Maintenance
  • Customization – scenarios, models, terrain databases, field support

U.S. Soldiers assigned to various units learn to operate a Stinger Man-Portable Air-Defense System during a “Virtual Stinger Trainer” training session at the 7th Army Training Command’s Grafenwoehr training area, Germany
(U.S. Army photo by Markus Rauchenberger)

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