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Micro and Nanoscale Science & Technology
from the Laboratory to the Marketplace

Advanced Technologies is focused on projects at the cutting edge of micro and nanoscale science and technology. We are involved in an amazing array of projects that have applications ranging from defense to biotechnology. Our diverse team has a strong history of providing solutions to challenging problems and is capable of advancing micro and nanoscale technologies from concept to deployment. The advanced technologies team is co-located at AEgis corporate headquarters (Huntsville), Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL).

Advanced Coatings and Metamaterials/Plasmonics

We are building advanced components that provide novel performance characteristics. Our technology portfolio includes RF protection for personal, EMI and optical protection for sensors, dynamically tunable metamaterials, and plasmonic and photonic devices for high performance sensors.

Laser Eye Protection

Transparent photonic bandgap structures have been developed that are capable of protecting the vision of pilots and soldiers from friendly and hostile laser threats. Unlike current solutions, these coatings offer superior color neutrality and higher visible light transmission, a requirement for both warfighter operations and commercial applications including medical laser eye protection.

Directed Energy Sensors and Instrumentation

AEgis has designed, built and tested novel sensor arrays that can withstand the direct effects of High Energy Laser (HEL) weapon systems to measure irradiance, beam profile and spot size at the target. These sensors and accompanying instrumentation suites have been flown on various platforms to perform in-situ testing of HEL weapon systems.