The challenge to characterize High Energy Laser (HEL) lethality effects on moving, agile targets at tactically relevant ranges is solved by AEgis’ suite of Directed Energy Sensors and Instrumentation. The instrumentation suite provides comprehensive HEL lethality measurements including irradiance, fluence, beam profile, spot size and peak/average power at the target. These sensors are part of a comprehensive payload package tailored to meet customer needs. They have flown on a variety of platforms to support HEL weapons systems testing.

Directed Energy 

Novel Sensor Arrays

AEgis Technologies designs builds and tests novel sensor arrays that can withstand the direct effects of High Energy Laser (HEL) weapon systems to measure irradiance, beam profile and spot size at the target. These directed energy sensors and accompanying instrumentation suites have been flown on various platforms to perform in-situ testing of HEL weapon systems.

Directed Energy 

Targets and Sensors

AEgis’ suite of DE Targets and Instrumentation characterizes High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) weapon system performance in operationally realistic test scenarios at tactically relevant ranges. AEgis’ sensors collect, store and transmit key performance measures about the beam, then process and present critical weapon performance metrics to ensure warfighter confidence in TTPs. AEgis is advancing point measurement approaches to measure optical turbulence and better understand atmospheric propagation. In addition to measuring and characterizing DEW performance, these systems help develop operator proficiency in acquiring, tracking and engaging a reusable target.