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AEgis’ suite of Directed Energy Targets and Instrumentation

Characterizes High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) weapon performance in a variety of operationally realistic test scenarios at tactically relevant ranges.

Characterization of HEL and HPM DE Weapon Performance on Threat Representative Targets

UAS, Aircraft, Stationary and Mobile Land and Sea Targets, Missiles

Supporting the Test and Evaluation of directed energy weapons delivered to the Warfighter, in realistic test scenarios, at tactically relevant ranges

Flexible Testing Architecture

Hosted Configurable Sensor Suites

Representative target platforms hosting lethality characterization, atmospheric, navigational and other sensor types.

Targets, data acquisition, telemetry, ground station software

Comprehensive HEL/HPM Lethality Measurements

On Target, At Distance, While Moving

Beam Shape, Beam Size, Fluence, Irradiance, Temperature, Peak Power, Atmospheric Characterization

Powerful Analysis and Visualization Software Tools

Irradiance Profiles as a Function of Time

Gaussian fits, spot size, centroid location, and other diagnostics available in near real time

Novel Sensor Arrays

AEgis Technologies designs builds and tests novel sensor arrays that can withstand the direct effects of High Energy Laser (HEL) weapon systems to measure irradiance, beam profile and spot size at the target. These directed energy sensors and accompanying instrumentation suites have been flown on various platforms to perform in-situ testing of HEL weapon systems.