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Advanced computational methods and rendering algorithms developed by AEgis Technologies and satellite imagery enables us the ability to create 3D virtual models of any required location in the world quicker than our competition at a fraction of their cost.

Real-time 3D Modeling, Virtual Community and
Terrain Database Development, GIS, SE Core

Real-time 3D Modeling

AEgis has hundreds of high-fidelity 3D models which include building models, ground vehicles, animated characters, aircraft, and others that can be integrated with many geospatial datasets and 2D/3D viewing applications.

Visit AEgis Real-time 3D Models

Virtual Community Development

AEgis Technologies brings the power, flexibility and realism of game-based development to commercial real estate planning, presentation, and visualization. Imagine the ability to transform the traditional 2D planned community or commercial development diagram into an interactive, immersive and realistic 3D experience.
Commercial developers, city planners and master planned community architects can turn to AEgis to create a virtual world featuring their project.

Terrain Database Development

Low-cost, high-performance solutions for the creation of terrain databases for areas of interest anywhere in the world including correlated terrains (visual, sensor, SAF, and 2D maps) and areas of interest sized from 10x10Km region to large country-sized dataset.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Feature Extraction & Attribution

AEgis offers Geographic Information System GIS feature extraction and compilation from high resolution imagery based on required level of detail to meet or surpass modeling & simulation requirements. We also offer customized geospatial services, GIS feature extraction, 2D and 3D database development, geospatial data conversion, custom map design and high resolution cultural features.


  • Security Scenario Generation and Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Planning
  • Building Maintenance
  • Event Planning


Save time and money by: 
  • Managing content databases with visualizations readily available for quick access to reference material
  • Cutting decision time in half with complimentary visualizations
  • Altering implementation strategies to be optimize cost with visual references
  • Reducing travel time and cost by accessing content imagery from anywhere in the world
  • Increase efficiencies for logistics training and accessibility to assets
  • – Leverage marketing uses of imagery
  • – Apply models to training and simulation scenarios

Synthetic Environment Core Common Virtual Environment Management
(SE Core CVE)

SE Core CVE is a US Army program that provides common infrastructure definition and the products necessary to enable virtual simulations to participate in the Live, Virtual and Constructive Integrated Training Environment (LVC ITE).