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Process Control Automation

Providing customers state of the art hardware and software systems used for automatic control of sophisticated test systems and processes.
Automating Control Systems, Providing Advanced Solutions using Programming Tools for all Types of Control Systems

Our engineers are certified experts in providing advanced solutions utilizing National Instruments LabVIEW and TestStand programming tools. The Data Acquisition and Process Control team also programs with C, C++, Python, and is especially experienced providing secure web‐based, user‐friendly graphical interfaces.

SolidWorks mechanical design / 3‐D modeling CAD software and Altium Designer are engineering tools used to deliver fully customized, self‐contained systems. Mechanical interfaces are custom machined or fabricated using a 3‐D printer. Electronic hardware is laid out on custom designed and fabricated multi‐layer circuit boards. High density electronics and logic are integrated into systems by software programming of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). Machine vision and image analysis is applied where the detection of process flaws and missing or misaligned components is required. Data Acquisition and Process Control Automation supports the US Government Departments of Energy (DoE) and Defense (DoD) through Sandia Labs, several government contractors, and industrial customers including GE Oil & Gas, Siemens Energy, and others.

Hermes III

Process Control Automation

AEgis is automating the operator control systems for the Hermes III vacuum, charging and fluid transfer systems at Sandia National Laboratories and implementing a web-based user interface.  Hermes III is the world’s most powerful gamma ray simulator producing a 20 million volt, 750 thousand amp electron beam.  Hermes III is used to test the effects of prompt radiation from a nuclear burst on electronics and complete military systems.


AEgis updated the operator control systems for the Saturn oil and water systems at Sandia National Laboratories. Saturn is a variable spectrum x-ray simulation source capable of producing 75 trillion watts in x-rays, and is used to expose electronics and materials to x-rays to determine their ability to withstand this hostile environment.


Process Control Automation

GE uses an AEgis developed tester with a custom designed mechanical interface to assure compliance of gas meters.

UAS Installed Data Acquisition System for Laser Weapon Programs

AEgis Process Control Automation custom designed mechanical packaging for small payload areas and minimal weight. The electronic hardware was designed to minimize power consumption and maximize flight time. RF telemetry downloaded data in real‐time. The rugged high shock packaging was able to withstand control crash landings (optional landing gear).

Machine Vision Cameras

The machine vision cameras integrated into this assembly line test station detects missing LED’s on a school bus stop‐arm.

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy uses AEgis data acquisition systems to measure runout on 50 to 150 ton power generator and gas turbine rotors.