Electronic & Cyber Warfare

Electronic & Cyber Warfare – Offensive • Defensive • Protection • Attack • Support

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AEgis Technologies support military cyberspace operations use of cyberspace capabilities to create effects that support missions in the physical Electronic & Cyber Warfare domains. AEgis provides research and support into the effects of directed energy on space systems, and High Energy Laser Weapons for Protection of the Future Air Dominance Platform (HEL-FAD), and FAD Challenge.

Counter Electronics

AEgis provides R&D, modeling, simulation, and analysis (MS&A) support to a multitude of programs, projects, studies, and events, such as Mission Evaluation of Next Airborne Counter Electronics (MENACE); Advanced Concept Events (ACEs); Integrated Weapons Effects for Analysis (IWEA), to include the high power microwave (HPM) and kinetic energy (KE) weapon Collaborative Study; Hybrid Defense of Restricted Airspace (HyDRA); High Energy Laser Weapons for Protection of the Future Air Dominance Platform (HEL-FAD), and FAD Challenge. Electronic effects (for example, but not limited to, devices to measure Electromagnetic Interference / Electromagnetic Radiation (EMI/EMR) effects and conduct MIL-STD-464B testing).  Signal generation, information operations, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, electro-optics, radar threat simulation, jammers)

Cyber Security

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF)
    • RMF IA Planning / Implementation
    • DIACAP to RMF Transition
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Security Risk Assessments
    • Site Compliance Checks / Audits
    • Analysis for RMF Controls Allocation
  • Design/Support for Authority to Operate (ATO), Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and Authority To Connect (ATC)
  • Government and Commercial Security Tool Implementation and Operation Support
  • Corporate Risk Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Functional Security
  • Systems Engineering and Design
  • Security Systems
  • Secure Test and Evaluation Audits
  • IA Training
    • Customizable to specific needs
    • Classroom, on site or On-the-Job Training