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The AEgis Space Superiority mission supports the Air Force Research Lab Directed Energy Directorate in the areas of satellite vulnerability assessments and predictive avoidance modeling. AEgis maintains and utilizes a satellite database that contains satellite positions, capabilities and vulnerabilities as it relates to directed energy. AEgis Space Superiority mission supports the SMDC’s High Energy Laser (“HEL”) Division conducting technology R&D.

Space Superiority - BMC2 and Planner Analysis

BMC2 and Planner Analysis

The BMC2 and Planner Analysis group supports AMRDEC, MDA, and the Air Force in future performance requirements development, integration and interoperability testing, and provides subject matter expertise in the area of Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD) Planning.

  • The AMRDEC Integrated Defense Planner (IDP) Lab provides an operationally relevant analysis environment to facilitate validation of operational concepts, performance requirements, and information exchange requirements.
  • Supports the MDA Collaborative Test & Evaluation Center (CTEC) with threat analysis and performance requirements determination for future spirals of the BMDS C2BMC system software.
  • Scenario and test operations support for the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) program.

Satellite Assessment

AEgis provides research into the effects of directed energy on space systems; Develops physics based modeling and simulation software tools to perform satellite and space systems technical analysis; Performs laboratory and field measurements to validate the modeling and simulation software; and Assesses and quantify susceptibilities of space system to directed energy sources. In order to fulfill these objectives, AEgis performs technical analysis, develops and sustains the software tools to support the analysis efforts. Several large scale efforts were initiated this year to modernize databases and analysis tools, and plan for future software development. Technical analysis was performed to satisfy several government organizations’ requirements.