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The System Development & Integration team of AEgis Technologies develops and integrates  software and hardware for a wide range of simulation and test applications. System Development and Integration activities include micro-electronics, avionics, mechanical and optical designs on the hardware side and micro-controller, FPGA, GPU, real-time simulation, analysis and V&V applications on the software side. Integration and test activities span those required for developing individual systems like the MAST missile system to full scale distributed real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HWIL) ground testing of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) for the Missile Defense Agency.

Surrogate Missile Development

Test Missiles MAST-M

MAST-M Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed MANPADS

AEgis is the lead developer of the Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed – MANPADS (MAST-M) for the AMRDEC.  MAST-M is a surrogate missile system to be used for the  test and evaluation of installed Aircraft Survivability Equipment.

  • Low cost recoverable, reusable design for non-destructive  ASE flight testing
  • Threat Signature, trajectory and velocity matching
  • Real IRCM response and quick 4 hour turnaround between tests
  • EO/IR Sensor Payloads to include seekers and radiometers


Solid Rocket Motor

  • Real MANPADS Motors if Available, or
  • Custom Surrogate Motors that Replicate MANPADS Signatures, Thrust and Timing


  • Compact 2.5” form factor
  • Precision Inertial Navigation Unit
  • Programmable Guidance and Navigation
  • Guardian Collision Avoidance
  • On-board Data Collection and Real-time Telemetry
  • Re-chargeable Batteries


  • Mid-body Seperation Joint
  • Parachute Recovery

Solid Rocket Motor

  • Real MANPADS Motors if Available, or
  • Custom Surrogate Motors that Replicate MANPADS Signatures, Thrust and Timing

Test Missiles Mast-M Surrogate MANPADS Missile Systems for Test and Evaluation of Aircraft Survivability Equipment

Test Missiles MAST-M

AEgis Technologies, works with the US Army Aviation and Missile Research and Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), developing a recoverable surrogate MANPDS missile system, the Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed – MANPADS (MAST-M), capable of engaging Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) while guaranteeing collision avoidance and missile recovery to insure a cost-effective non-destructive test and evaluation of the ASE.


  • High Fidelity Surrogate MANPADS- Signature Matching
    • Trajectory and Velocity Matching
    • Sensor, Seeker, Radiometer Payloads
    • Real IRCM Responses
  • Recoverable, Reusable Missile Design
  • Collision Avoidance and Recoverability Provide for Low Cost Non-destructive Flight Testing Against Installed ASE
  • Real IRCM response and quick 4 hour turnaround between tests
  • EO/IR Sensor Payloads to include seekers and radiometers

Ballistic Missile Defense Ground Test Integration

AEgis supports the AMRDEC and MDA in Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis, Integration and Test activities for Ground Test of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) including:

  • Development of test scenarios for HWIL testing in support of MDA Ground, Flight, and numerous Fast test events.
  • Development of scenarios for the C2BMC Distributed Training System (DTS/SS) and support in integrating the digital models into the test framework. 
  • Development of test scenarios for IDDL a UEWR/CDU sensor focused test laboratory. 
  • Coordination and oversight for the developmental execution of Ground and Flight test events using the defined MDA Framework and tactical elements participation in accordance with the Ballistic Missile Defense System Ground Test Concept of Operations (MDA CONOPS). 
  • Generation of Framework procedures, operation of the Framework execution software, and generation of post-test reports to the GOV. 
  • Demonstration of event architecture interoperability by reducing or mitigating risks and identifying any anomalies prior to Operational Event Architecture Certification (EAC) test execution.

HWIL Simulation Development

AEgis supports the development and operations of 6DOF HWIL Simulation at the Air Force KHILS facilities at Eglin AFB, FL.

  • Real-Time HWIL simulation of tactical, air defense, and strategic weapon systems in MMW, EO/IR/UV, SAL & LADAR bands
  • Development of scene generation systems, 6-DOF simulations, SW/HW sensor interfaces, and EO/IR Scene projectors R&D development of IR/LED Scene Projectors 
  • Simulation integration, Verification and Validation and operations support.

EO/IR/UV Scene Generation

AEgis is the primary developer of real-time scene generation systems for HWIL sensor/seeker testing at the AMRDEC, RTC and AEDC.

  • AEgis develops SW/HW systems to provide physics-based modeling and phenomenology to create real-time high dynamic range scenes for tactical ground and air engagements as well as complex exoatmospheric engagements 
  • Provides for multispectral EO sensor testing via dynamic in-band scene projection and direct signal injection (IR/UV/ SAL/LADAR) 
  • Development of advanced ultra-high-bandwidth distributed processing scene generator hardware and software architectures.
  • Development of a wide range of tactical and strategic 3D models and terrain databases for real-time scene generation.

Microelectronics and Avionics Development

AEgis designs and develops custom electronics, MicroElectroMechnical, and Micro-optical systems to support development of advanced sensor/seekers, guidance, and target discrimination and for HWIL test instrumentation.

  • Electronic integration capabilities for advanced technologies for proof-of-principal, prototyping, and technology maturation. Support Advanced Instrumentation development with high speed, high bandwidth solution for RF and Optical signal generation and injection 
  • FEA Multiphysics based modelling of MEMS/MOEMS structures 
  • Electromagnetic Modelling and Simulation for signal integrity, 
    electromagnetic interference, sensors, antenna, and RF systems. 
  • Fabrication process development of MEMs and microelectronics

BMC2 and Planner Analysis

The BMC2 and Planner Analysis group supports AMRDEC, MDA, and the Air Force in future performance requirements development, integration and interoperability testing, and provides subject matter expertise in the area of Integrated Air & Missile Defense (IAMD) Planning.

  • The AMRDEC Integrated Defense Planner (IDP) Lab provides an operationally relevant analysis environment to facilitate validation of operational concepts, performance requirements, and information exchange requirements.
  • Supports the MDA Collaborative Test & Evaluation Center (CTEC) with threat analysis and performance requirements determination for future spirals of the BMDS C2BMC system software.
  • Scenario and test operations support for the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW) program.

Mechanical and Optical Development

The AEgis System Development & Integration team designs, builds and integrates mechanical components and assemblies for entire missiles, UAV sensors and optical assemblies. 

  • E-CAD, M-CAD, FEA Analysis and Ray Tracing software are used to design all subcomponents.
  • State of the Art Prototyping, Integration and Electronics Lab (PIEL) are utilized at AEgis for Missile integration, avionics packaging and electro-optical assembly.
  • HWIL testing as well as research testing with Hi-Speed Data 
    Acquisition Systems are carried out in the AEgis PIEL lab