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AEgis Technologies provides full spectrum Test and Evaluation (T&E) support across a broad range of applications. From research to operational T&E, the company has provided superior support in the areas of test planning, test execution, data analysis, and reporting, as well as the development of cutting-edge test instrumentation.

Non-traditional Test and Assessment

AEgis has served as independent assessment agents for 10+ years, providing timely, targeted test planning, analysis, and reporting for fast-moving Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations and Battle-lab Experiments.

  • Full range of systems, from global strategic to street-level tactical
  • Informative data analysis – what’s important for decision makers
  • Surge support to accommodate multiple, simultaneous projects

Traditional T&E

AEgis has professional T&E staff that plan, conduct, analyze, and report on test events that support formal acquisition programs in the DoD and other federal agencies.

  • Staff qualify as Certified Acquisition Professionals for T&E
  • Proven processes for all facets of test planning, execution, and reporting
  • Hands-on experience at applicable DoD test ranges and labs

T&E Instrumentation

AEgis is providing industry leading development of instrumentation designed to measure high energy laser and high power microwave energy directly on the targets at which they are aimed.

  • Leading-edge research to tailor sensor needs for individual projects
  • Complete system solution – sensor, electronics, visualization, telemetry