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Test Missiles MAST-M is a surrogate missile system used for the test and evaluation of installed Aircraft Survivability Equipment.

Test Missiles MAST-M • Recoverable • Reusable • Low Cost • Surrogate Missile System

Test Missiles Mast-M Surrogate MANPADS Missile Systems for Test and Evaluation of Aircraft Survivability Equipment


AEgis is the lead developer of the Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed – MANPADS (MAST-M) for the AMRDEC.

AEgis Technologies, working with the US Army Aviation and Missile Research and Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), is developing a recoverable surrogate MANPDS missile system, the Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed – MANPADS (MAST-M), capable of engaging Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) while guaranteeing collision avoidance and missile recovery to insure a cost-effective non-destructive test and evaluation of the ASE.

  • High Fidelity Surrogate MANPADS- Signature Matching
    • Trajectory and Velocity Matching
    • Sensor, Seeker, Radiometer Payloads
    • Real IRCM Responses
  • Recoverable, Reusable Missile Design
  • Collision Avoidance and Recoverability Provide for Low Cost Non-destructive Flight Testing Against Installed ASE
  • Real IRCM response and quick 4 hour turnaround between tests
  • EO/IR Sensor Payloads to include seekers and radiometers
Test Missiles MAST-M

MAST-M Missile Airframe Simulation Testbed MANPADS

Test Missiles MAST-M


  • Sensor, Seeker, Radiometer


  • Compact 2.5” form factor
  • Precision Inertial Navigation Unit
  • Programmable Guidance and Navigation
  • Guardian Collision Avoidance
  • On-board Data Collection and Real-time Telemetry
  • Re-chargeable Batteries


  • Mid-body Seperation Joint
  • Parachute Recovery

Solid Rocket Motor

  • Real MANPADS Motors if Available, or
  • Custom Surrogate Motors that Replicate MANPADS Signatures, Thrust and Timing