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 AEgis is a leader within DoD in the development of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Verification Validation & Accreditation (VV&A) strategies and execution of VV&A Plans. AEgis-View™ clearly defines the supporting V&V data products, M&S Units Under Test (UUTs), associated V&V activities, agents, and resources for cost-effective VV&A program execution.

V&V Planning, Execution, and Oversight

AEgis provides VV&A support of major MDA T&E resources and M&S.

  • V&V planning, execution, oversight, and accreditation support and recommendations for several MDA programs on behalf of the integrated MDA mission
  • Evaluation and assessment of test resources and M&S include studies and analyses to document scope and results of V&V activities

DoD Acquisition Support

AEgis supports the Performance & Analysis Branch in ensuring the appropriate set of credible models and simulations are available to support critical decisions concerning the design, acquisition, deployment, and operation.

  • Support the branch in a variety of exercises and war-games to demonstrate the ABL capabilities

Architecture Development

AEgis supports continued development and refinement of VV&A plans, procedures, and subsequent implementation activities.

  • Key to AEgis’ maturation of its VV&A plans and processes is the capture of application-derived changes and timely feedback