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Download The Visual-Eyes App

** This application is intended to be used with Google Cardboard **.

VIRTUAL REALITY: Immerse Yourself in a 3D World
• View one of three vehicles: F-15E, M3A3, and AH-64
• 360 degree views of each model
• Click to initiate turrets, engines, rotors

AUGMENTED REALITY: Interactive AR Engagement
• Choose your target: T-72 or Quadcopter
• Study target’s evasive maneuvers responding to your location
• Click to fire weapons, engaging target


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Military AR/VR Experience
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Android Google Play


Military AR/VR Experience
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Virtual Training Garage:

1) Select a vehicle or aircraft to view from menu
2) View and inspect the vehicle or aircraft from different camera positions

Interactive Augmented Reality Engagement:

1) Download and Print image marker


Visual-Eyes Marker.pdf

Place image in front of you on a flat surface
3) View the image through your device in a well-lit environment to reveal an opponent
4) Use button on your cardboard device to shoot missiles at your opponent


AEgis Visual-Eyes: A Virtual Training Garage & Interactive Augmented Reality Battlefield Experience!

A virtual and augmented reality experience all in one. Enter the virtual training garage where you can navigate 360 degrees around three military vehicles: the F-15E, M3A3, and AH-64. While circling the vehicles, you will actively engage with each to identify specific features, think interactive studying: firing up an engine and spinning rotors. The augmented experience kicks it up a notch, allowing you to defend your position by firing at either a tank or an unmanned air vehicle (aka drone). It’s game time! To kick off this functionality, download and print the associated image. While in battlefield mode, look at the image, select the vehicle you’ll be opposing and begin gameplay. Click your viewer’s ‘button’ to ‘shoot’ at your identified target and take down the threat. But it won’t be a walk in the park. The tank’s turret will spin 360 degrees, tracking your location and the UAS’s evasive maneuvers make it that much trickier. Good luck!

This app was created to give users a tangible experience in how virtual and augmented reality is both accessible and ideal for: education, maintenance, real-time training and, in all honesty, just plain fun.

Interactive Media Instruction (IMI), Game-Based Training and Mobile Apps

AEgis’ in-house IMI development team includes Subject Matter Experts, Reference Gathering Specialists, 3D Modelers and Animation Specialists. With a rigorous quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) process, we provide full content production services for maintenance task training, game-based scenario training, networked classroom training, troubleshooting and more.

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