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State of the Art 3D Visualization

LightInt is a 3D visualization tool designed for the intelligence and planning communities. LightInt provides the ability to interact with a high interest – high fidelity – Geo-Specific Area of Interest (AOI) terrain databases and 2D map. LightInt combines state of the art visualization capabilities along with special analysis tools allowing the user to inspect, plan, execute and replay a variety of mission objectives.
Annotate scenes with Geo-markers, add scene content through 3D models of objects such as vehicles, barriers, & human characters to create a scene which matches actual or projected AOI conditions. Shapefiles can be imported and extruded in real-time to provide scene content. Objects that have been placed on the terrain dataset (Geo-Markers, LOS vectors, 3D Models, & Shapefiles) are stored in a small project file. This is an excellent way to establish and share a scenario (i.e. copy to memory stick, email, etc.) so multiple LightInt users can analyze and plan responsibilities.

Need More Information?

Download The LightINT Brochure.pdf

LightINT Advanced Features

  • 3D View of the terrain Area of Interest (AOI)
  • 2D Map Correlated with the 3D View of the Area of Interest
    • Supports JPEG2000, ECW
  • Multiple Measurement Tools
    • Object Height (Vertical Range)
    • Distance between Objects (Horizontal Range)
    • Slant Range
  • Field of View/Line of Sight Tool
    • With Separate Viewport
    • Red Line/Green Line Intersection Testing
  • Geo-Marker Placement to Label Points of Interest
    • GoTo-FlyTo Motion Model
    • Single or Multiple Geo-Markers
  • Route Creation and Playback for Single Camera View
    • Record Camera View for Playback and Movie Creation
  • Terrain Database Formats
    • Terra Page (.txp)
    • OSG (.ive)
    • OpenFlight (.flt)
  • 3D Model Formats
    • OSG (.ive)
    • OpenFlight (.flt)
  • Heads Up Display (HUD) for UAV
  • “Drag and Drop” Shapefile Data in 3D View
  • Delivered with a Library of Models
    • Drag and Drop into 3D Scene View
    • Over 1000+ Additional Models Available
    • Human Characters
  • Supports Multiple Coordinate Systems & Units of Measure
  • Environmental Effects
    • Time of Day
    • Multiple Cloud Types
    • Ephemeris Model
    • Dynamic Self shadowing
  • Display Entities
  • Notes and Annotations in the 2D View Geo-referenced in the 3D View
    • Free Hand Drawing
    • Text/Notes Inputs